WK 140 and WK 240

The Robust Solution for the Production and End Test

The WK 140 and WK 240 stand-alone test devices are the instruments of choice for the production test and end test of cables and harnesses for computers, electronic devices or vehicles.


The WK 140 and WK 240 Test Devices run without a PC. Operation and tracing is processed via buttons and display directly at the test device. If suitable the testers can be integrated into an existing network to facilitate programming, centralize the management of test programs and log test results e.g. for statistical reasons.



  • Compact design, intuitive operation
  • Seamless integration into working environment and network
  • Convenient Autoprog function for easy capturing of units under test


Broad variability of configuration options to meet site-specific needs

  • WK 140 with up to 384 test points
  • WK 240 basic unit with up to 512 test points, with an expansion unit with up to 1024 test points in total
  • Test point cards with 128 test points
  • LED cards to run LEDs—e.g. in an adaption table—simultaneously with the respective test points


Seamless integration into the working environment

  • Robust and compact design allows for usage even under rough conditions
  • Optional interface to control external devices such as feeding and contacting systems
  • Multiple interfaces (parallel and serial) to link printers, barcode scanners etc.
  • Activatable TCP/IP-Ethernet port with static IP address allows for the integration into a network

    • Centralized management of test programs
    • Recording of data for statistics


Customer-friendly operation directly at the test device

  • LCD display with 2 x 20 characters
  • Eye-catching LEDs for „PASS“ and „FAIL“
  • Intuitive buttons for an easy operation
  • Built-in, adjustable speaker
  • Integrated connection jack for a probe


Increased functionality with the optional IVISION 3 Programming Software

  • Development of a test program on the PC and saving on the test device
  • Structured management of test programs
  • Additional testing options, e.g. functional test of push buttons and switches
WK 140 Test Device (Front View)
WK 140 Test Device (Rear View) – equipped with 6 Test Point Cards
WK 240 Test Device (Front View)
WK 240 Test Device (Rear View) – equipped with 2 Test Point Cards

Typical areas of application

  • Tests of cables for computers and electronic devices
  • Tests of cables and simple cable harnesses for vehicles
  • Tests of push buttons and switches

Supported test types

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons